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Scaffolding Content & Language in Science: Decoding Skills in Science

  • 06/22/2023
  • 5:30 PM
  • Zoom

Part 4 of our 5-part June series:
Content and Language Integration for Multilingual Learners

“The explicit teaching of how language works can help multilingual learners expand what they can do with language, thereby growing their language toolbox” (WIDA ELDS Framework, 2020 edition, pg. 20). Teachers who find time during science lessons to explicitly teach students how to decode science vocabulary help them gain a vital skill to construct meaning of new and unfamiliar words. Led by Laura Canepa-Redondo,  GaDOE Science/ESOL Program Specialist, participants will learn to deconstruct various academic science words from across different disciplines and grade levels into prefixes, suffixes, and/or root words.  Educators will learn how to teach students to recombine the meaning of different parts of science terms and make other scientific terms; thus, using language to strengthen content meaning-making in science.

*This is a public event. Feel free to share this information with others.

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